Love at First Plie

Have you ever participated in an activity so beneficial it immediately empowered you to change your life for the better, so much so, you had to put it on blast every chance you got? Well, I’m putting it on blast every chance I get, it is Barre for me. I’ve been dedicated to exercising since my early twenties, but growing up, I never had a passion for athletics. Barre revolutionized my mindset on exercise, sparking in me a passion for fitness.

A couple years back I was coming out of a winter slump. We’ve all been there. A few pounds pudgier and not getting results at the gym, I sat on the couch looking at The Barre Code’s website feeling a bit intimidated. I hadn’t belonged to a studio for a couple years and Barre seemed a bit more intense than yoga or Pilates where I had my most success. That’s just it though, I wanted something different. I’ve studied enough exercise physiology to know if I didn’t keep challenging my body by changing my routine I would naturally plateau, even after I reached my goal weight.

Nestled in McCandless Crossings in a beautiful complex new to the North Hills, The Barre Code neighbors a hip coffee shop and bistro, independently run shops, restaurants, and a cutting edge cinema. Upon arrival I was welcomed by the location. The instructors were positive and inviting, and I immediately felt the strength of the fitness community. I took the plunge, and honestly by the end of my first class I was sore and suffering, but the challenge made me hungry for more, and I’ve never looked back.

True, I’ve hit some major peaks and valleys maintaining fitness along the way, but Barre is a workout I can truly get behind. Barre provides a powerful, no excuses workout routine I thrive on, and since day one it’s been love at first plie. You’re continually engaged in graceful, deliberate movements. Every motion has a purpose.

I build lean muscle easily, and have always worked with resistance training on the principle of high reps, low weight with intermittent stretching to lengthen. With the exception of warm up and stretch, the fifty minute Barre class is full throttle. The instructors teach in a rhythmic, almost musical cadence to blasting dance mixes, the transitions are active, and the core work makes me feel like I got socked in the tummy, in a rewarding, exactly what I need kind of way.

I found my fitness home and a workout I excel at by joining The Barre Code in the North Hills, an innovative one-stop shop dedicated to inner and outer strength. The experience has transformed me into my strongest, fittest self, and regardless of my schedule, I show up because I want to. I am amazed and truly blessed to have discovered the empowering Barre fitness program. It has challenged my mind as much as my body, and has changed me for the better.

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