Homegrown Hard Rock Showcase

December 9th, 2016 marked the date for the first ever Homegrown Hard Rock Showcase. Featuring five local hard rock and metal acts, I was included in helping to promote the event. The creative concept for the flyer was initially far from simple, and organizing the event was involved, but as we worked together we came to realize a core value. If people in the scene consciously supported and promoted one another, great things would happen.

This marked my first experience contributing to preparation and execution of a promotional photo shoot for a live music event. I supported the team with photo direction, and assisted by providing visual conceptualization, securing photographer Kari Miller, and identifying a shoot location and on camera talent. The concept focused on female models posed together sporting shirts representing each band in the event lineup.

Initially not everyone understood my vision. I included myself as a model, naturally wearing Winter’s Descent gear to represent my boys. I actually had several people ask if I had started my own project. To be clear, stage performance is not my forté. The only place you’ll catch me singing is in the car, and I’ve never learned to play an instrument. Once the photo was placed into the flyer with the event lineup, people got it, and the concept wound up being a great promotional tool in both print and on social media.

The girls and I had a blast being involved on camera and pounding the pavement hanging fliers together to promote the event. Every lady in this pic is a close friend of mine. The day we were all available to be photographed just so happened to also fall on my birthday, and made working together on set all the more memorable.

Each band has grown, evolved, and played bigger shows since the Homegrown Hard Rock Showcase of 2016, but what we were all able to accomplish together helped create a sense of unity and purpose. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity to have worked with so many talented individuals on one showcase.

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