Flashback to Collision

Time for a Flashback! This Friday I am taking a moment to reflect on the VERY FIRST Twist of Fate Productions collaboration with The Crucible Project. This December will mark 2 full years of Jerry, Jason, and I working together on our monthly hard rock and metal series at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls! As it continues to grow and evolve thought I would share these photos taken by the lovely Lady Jaye of First Angel Media from Collision. You can Flashback to my original “Collision” article in the Backstage section of my website to see how we came to the promo flyer.

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Shout-out to Jason and Jana for their incredible work in teaming up on this. Jana’s photography combined with Jason’s awesome graphics skills are what make these images what they are and I can’t thank them enough for their ongoing hard work and dedication. Also be sure to check out the band pages for A Notion of Silence, Dematus, and Resistance 13 and give them some love. Happy Friday, Friends!

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