Brawl On

Brawl On

My Take on Brawl


In the spirit of honestly and being true to myself, this post may have a slightly different tone than others I’ve written in the “Flex” section. For all intents and purposes this is the fitness corner of my website and that means all things Barre! Perhaps I’ve never mentioned that part of why I joined The Barre Code in the first place was that I needed to shake up my routine and be held accountable. I am relatively disciplined on my own. I’ll always so some kind of activity or exercise but it’s hard for me to consistently push myself past my own predetermined limits. Just like anyone else, I have things that come more naturally to me. To be fair I am often trying to break new ground in other areas of my life so going to a studio where the classes are always challenging is refreshing because all I have to do is show up.  I consistently attend whatever 3 classes I can make it to per week, occasionally more and rarely less. Over the course of the past 2 years I have watched my body transform and my confidence increase dramatically. (I still have to eat right most of the time!)

One thing I must confess, is that I pretty much avoided going to Brawl at all costs for the first year or more that I belonged to the studio. I would take it once in a while. Every now and then I’d have an “on” day, totally rock a routine, and feel like a total badass. Then I’d go to a couple where I’d basically trip over my feet so much I’d leave wondering how I ever even learned to walk. I chalked it up as something I “just wasn’t good at” and didn’t really care because I was able to make it to enough other cardio classes that I still felt like I was getting a balance in my routine. Then my schedule changed (a couple times) over the past year or so and if I wanted to keep up with my commitment I kinda had to hit a Brawl class more often than I would have liked. At first, I just struggled through them resentfully. I tried to make myself like it a little more and then just decided I was going to make sure I planned my classes around NOT going to Brawl, which meant I had to go Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday without fail in order to keep up with my 3 days. If you’re up to date on the rest of my site, you might have an idea that my life rarely runs like clockwork. Certain habits are ingrained which keeps me grounded but otherwise I need a lot of flexibility for it all to go smoothly. Thus, I found myself back at Brawl classes.

Then one day I made it to a class that just went average. I wasn’t terrible at the routine but I didn’t get that boost I’d feel when I really nailed it, yet I got this quiet sense of accomplishment. It’s easy to do something you’re already good at and just keep getting better if you devote the time to it. But consistently pushing through something that doesn’t come naturally builds character. I never played competitive sports so getting into that aspect of fitness has always been uncomfortable for me. Not that Brawl is competitive in the sense that you have to try to out-kick your neighbor, but it definitely helps me channel my inner warrior. Plus, if I am really stressed I can typically work it out in a Brawl class. I’ve found that sticking it out with something I don’t just gravitate toward has been really empowering. Brawl helps me create balance, not only in my exercise routine, but in how I approach the challenges in my life. Even when I am struggling, the regular Brawl instructor, Ashley makes me smile and I try to keep that attitude outside of the studio as well.

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