Product Review by Lady Jaye

Ritual – The Instagram Famous Multivitamin for Women

    I’m extremely busy and always looking for ways to get energy without feeling like the Kool-Aid Man busting through a wall, so when I saw the advertising for Ritual vitamins that kept mentioning the energy boost, I was curious. The idea of spending $30 a month when I’ve never been able to regularly take vitamins because of a very sensitive stomach and not knowing what I really need in a vitamin made me cautious and I’m not one to jump on bandwagons anyway. I’m not a teen anymore so I’m beginning to think it’s time to try to take care of myself and I started looking into them. The idea that Ritual only has what they call “nine essential ingredients most women don’t get enough of in their diet” was nice and most of these ones I’d heard of and understood their benefits. Another rather cool thing was that they took out the guesswork of choosing between liquid or solid form vitamins. Each pill is a capsule (these are totally vegetarian by the way) with the best delivery method for each ingredient. They looked so cool in person that I sent Miss Julie Winter’s herself a photo of them when they came, lol. Cool looking photos of these little pills aside – Here’s how they stacked up to their claims:

That Mint Scent!  

    Yes, they do smell like mint flavored bubble gum. They come with a clear mint scent bar inside the bottle and if you don’t like it, you can remove it. I do like the scent, it is a nice additional thing in the morning…. It does not taste like mint and it didn’t not brighten my day like the happy glowing people in the photos wanted me to think. They don’t taste bad though, especially considering that they contain Omega 3. Turns out they use a different process that uses algae rather than fish oil and no nasty burps throughout the day either.

The 21 day challenge of making your vitamin taking a ritual?

    I got a little square numbered to 21 and stickers to place on each day. The stickers were cute, filled with little drawings of trophies and pills, and I felt that fun kind of silly adults usually don’t get in life. I mean, come on, I was using a rewards chart like I have set up for my kids!!  I’m not great when it comes to forming habits, I never take things exactly when I should without tons of alarms but I gave it my best. The stickers, chart and pills were on my desk in my home office where I couldn’t miss them. I attempted to take them as soon as I sat down each morning. I don’t know about a ‘ritual’ but I do remember to take them at some point each day and forget about the sticker part.

The claims of energy, skin rejuvenation and more….

    First, you have to understand that I’m skeptical of anything I buy off the internet and I’m kind of what I consider an intelligent idiot. Did I know I couldn’t take vitamins without food and not be sick? Yes. Did I try it with these anyway to see if the reviews were right? Again, yes. If your stomach is as super sensitive as mine, do not take these without food. I tried it the first day, and while it wasn’t as bad as others I’ve tried with food, I wouldn’t recommend it. I tried again at about fourteen days in and it wasn’t so bad but I don’t think I’ll be taking them without at least a snack joining the party shortly after.

    The main reason I bought these was for the energy and I don’t know why I expected the results to be instant. In just a few days I began looking closely at the “30 Day Free Trial” offer. Now, at day 21, I can tell you that I’m not ready to run a marathon but I am waking up easily and often before my alarm. I’m not so full of energy that I can take on the world, but I do have enough to take on those few extra things I kept putting off each day. I’m still waiting on this “Every hour is golden hour” thing I read all over the place but my head is a little more clear and I don’t feel so drained with my 6 a.m. to midnight schedule. I think they oversold that part. No birds are flying in the window to great me and pull back my covers, no woodland creatures to help make my coffee… and yes I still need coffee… but I do notice the change.

    One thing they didn’t talk enough about? The benefits to your skin! I’m 40 and I’m also a mother of four with a hectic schedule and my skin has probably suffered because of it.I don’t always have the time to take off my makeup after a show or properly exfoliate, in fact I’m pretty happy with myself if I wash my face one a day and thrown on moisturizer at some point. Lately I’ve thought about buying a product to help combat the wrinkles I’m seeing go just that little bit deeper around my eyes and forehead. I also have this odd combination skin on the rest of my body that I have to do a complicated flow chart to know if I need moisturizer or if it will make me feel greasy. On day 13 I reached over to adjust my sleeve and when I brushed up against my arm, I kept rubbing my skin for a minute. It was really soft and I remember the word supple came to mind for the first time. I can’t put my finger on how to describe the exact change but I can tell you that I REALLY LIKED IT!! A couple days later I happened to notice that those lines I’d worried about weren’t quite as deep. They weren’t gone, this isn’t the alternative to botox, but they were obviously not as pronounced and my face felt softer and more firm. I do not understand why they aren’t pushing this effect of the vitamin more!

    In all, if you can afford $30 a month, try this. I got my email notice yesterday that my new bottle is on it’s way and I didn’t think twice about if I wanted to continue getting it, I was just happy I didn’t have another thing to remember in order to keep this going. It’s not a magic pill but it is helpful to my every day, I know I’m getting nutrition I don’t usually get through food and I like the rejuvenating effect on my skin. For me, this is totally worth giving up my HBO subscription to fit it easily into my budget…. At least until the next season of Game of Thrones.


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