Rock For Life

If you live in the greater Pittsburgh area and have never been to a Rock For Life event, you are missing out on an opportunity to meet some of the coolest cats around, in addition to contributing to an incredible cause. For more than a decade, Rock For Life has sponsored music festivals and music-related events to help individuals in need residing in Western PA who suffer from life threatening diseases. Proceeds benefit one individual per year, and assist with expenses they face as a result of their medical conditions.

Learn more about the Rock for Life Concert Series, and like them on Facebook to keep an eye on upcoming events. Check out the featured bands below who are directly involved in both hosting Rock for Life events and those who have performed for them.

Reina Peli, photographer extraordinaire, has devoted much of her time and talent to the Rock For Life Concert Series. Keep up on her latest projects by visiting Reina Peli Art & Photography on Facebook.

You may also catch a #dangtxsighting as his work tends to just keep popping up throughout this site!

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