Lip Sense

Lip Sense

Chances are you know someone selling Lipsense products. And I can bet that you may have been approached to attend a party, host one, buys stuff online, whatever. The fact is, I would much rather buy a product I am going to get anyway from an independent distributer. My hairstylist actually told me about this stuff. I was sitting in her chair with color on my hair passing time chatting. It was actually right when I decided to go blonde and knew I was going to have to rework my color palette. I am of the mindset that I want one go-to daytime lip color and maybe 2-3 darker colors for going out.

So, my longtime friend and stylist tells me about Lipsense and in the most nonchalant way is like, “Yeah, that stuff literally lasts all day. No joke.” She passed her friend’s contact info on to me and I actually got in touch with her. Since then I have had probably 3 people approach me to buy it.

Here’s my recommendation:

Lips of Jewels  (the girl’s name who sells it is Julie, who knows I may be biased) and I’ll tell you why.

First off, the products are amazing, Literally lasts all day, wide variety of colors, quality ingredients, etc.

But her customer service skills are on point. Anything I’ve ever ordered has arrived within a couple days. She does offer sales and promos but has never made me feel pressured to buy anything. And when I had a question about a product I bought, she immediately got right back to me and sent a video. I bought a super dark color after I had tried out a lighter one. When I first tried to apply it was streaking and looking weird. Turns out it was just my application technique. Curious how to apply a dark Lipsense color so you can rock those edgier looks?



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