The Scene Report

Well, it’s been awhile since I published any new articles on this page. Back when I started Twist of Fate Productions in 2018 I had only recently created this blog and writing went way by the wayside. Then along came covid and I suppose I could have picked up blogging again in the absence of hosting live events but honestly, life had been a bit tumultuous for me even before the pandemic. I don’t really suppose too many folks will even read this which is kinda freeing in a way. I’ve researched a ton about driving traffic and SEOs and whatnot but this little article is just my way of getting back into the practice of writing in this format (and also practicing using the mobile app. )

So, the Scene Report really began spontaneously as just a little live video I would do every week from my personal Facebook. I was already a promoter and I knew how tough it could be to get people out to shows sometimes so I thought I would just share everyone’s upcoming events and make it kinda fun and interactive. It surprised me how many people tuned in every week and I kept telling myself I would make it more of a production. But life happens and at the time, right before covid lock downs I think anyone actively participating in the Pittsburgh Music Scene would have spoken highly of it. The city had a buzz and I don’t mean to say that in past tense. I’ve been at some popping events these past few months and I get the feeling that ‘the scene’ is making a comeback.

But life is different now, one might even say people are different. Was it just the 2 years with limited social interaction and an abundance of screen time and isolation? Not sure. But I will say in attending live events and beginning to host this report again, something about the vibe is different. And it’s tough to identify at first. For some there’s an obvious relief to be at a show. Live music is an experience unlike any other. It’s healing..pure expression. But for others there seems to be a hesitancy. Maybe we spent the past 2 years just waiting for the other shoe to drop so when people finally find themselves re entering ‘normal life’ they don’t quite know how to perceive it.

I know I’m still figuring it out myself and some days I get it right and others I stumble quite a bit. I’m happy to be back to doing these reports though. I don’t attend as many shows as I once did and I don’t expect Twist of Fate to resume the volume of events we were promoting right away. Starting these reports again has brought me a lot of joy and even if my approach changes and it takes me awhile to find my rhythm with it I’m here for it and grateful to everyone whose along for the ride.

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