Reminder to Myself


About a month ago I snapped this screen shot from my photo gallery. I set a goal for Twist of Fate that I would start posting from social media regularly again. Even if we didn’t have any shows lined up, I would make the effort to do at least that. This was one of the first graphics I pulled from Pintrest to get started.

The 2 images aligning in this way was serendipitous because, full disclosure, the smile in the selfie is just that. A put on happy face. I found a little glimpse of joy in that particular moment but the days, hours, and likely even minutes before had been filled with strife and struggle.. but also peace, growth, necessary change, and even genuine happiness.

It’s important for me to remember that I am not exempt from putting forth a false persona at times. I suspect very few individuals share their true selves with the world. Maybe some offer a glimpse through their art in whatever form it may take. The internet is full of memes to the effect of ‘be kind because you never know what someone else is going through.’ How bout we’re all going through something every second of every day just by being alive? For some people, just existing is a battle. So if I can muster a smile in my most trying times, isn’t that a gift in itself?

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