Before I dive head first into the inspiration behind the photo shoot for this show, I want to tell ya a little about how the lineup was chosen. A Notion of Silence had recently been recognized by The Metal Edge for their new album “Dynamo.” The band has a cool story as most of it’s members are from Nashville, yet their guitarist, Austin is a homegrown Pittsburgh kid. June 9th at The Funhouse at Mr. Small’s will mark the first date of their debut tour!

Jerry and I wanted to make this event really stand out as it would be the first project we’ve officially consulted on as Twist of Fate Productions, our newly launched promotion company. We chose both supporting bands in tandem as we felt their two styles, while distinct, would complement one another’s uniqueness.

Dematus is a Pittsburgh based band, originally from Rolla Missouri, whose EP, Ghost Carnivale really made an impression on me.

We’ve been looking for the right opportunity to bring our boys in Resistance 13 back to Pittsburgh since the launch of our collaborative effort with The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls back in December of 2016. With their recent return to the stage and release of their latest video, the timing couldn’t have been better.

The theme behind COLLISION was born when I started to really try to enmesh each of these bands in my mind. I began to picture 3 acts whose styles resided worlds apart and all of the sudden the characters just “collided” in my imagination. What if we really highlighted their individuality? A Notion of Silence’s Dynamo is a theme album centered around outer space. Carnival by Dematus has a dark fantasy freak show vibe. “The Occular Man,” featured in many of Resistance 13’s artwork and their latest video conjuors sentiments of shedding light on our deepest fears and inner demons.

With the stage set, concept in motion, and members from each band scheduled for the shoot we had one more hurdle to overcome…how the heck were we going to create a space suit?? Luckily, my good friend, Heather has an incredibly diverse background in cosplay. When I approached her to help us design the costume, I almost thought she sounded a little disappointed we didn’t bring her something more challenging!

With so many elements crashing into one another, finding a setting to stage these characters in was posing the biggest challenge. Jason Kozura has been the graphics design artist behind all of our flyers for the Funhouse series in addition to co-organizer with each event. I brought the idea of creating a completely animated background to him with the Collision concept as the root of the image. We called on Jana Lee Machea from First Angel Media for her photography skills and the two of them created a collaborative image that has topped the illustrative complexity of any promotional piece we have created thus far.COLLISION



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