I’d like to welcome you all to my own personal sanctuary. This photo shoot features one of my favorite places and a statue that has provided solace in times of turmoil especially during my adolescence. I grew up about 5 minutes from the cemetery pictured here and it was a place I would often go when I needed a quiet moment. The stone angel holds a prominent place at the apex of the road leading into the property. I always imagined her as an overseer and it felt as if she welcomed me each time I entered this sacred space growing up._MG_3856

Organizing a Halloween show and planning the promotional materials is my favorite project to work on all year. I began conceptualizing this theme over the summer and when I recognized the direction I wanted to go for the photo, I quickly realized I didn’t currently know anyone who would fit the description of a living model for the stone angel I had in mind. Enter Brian from Greywalker…or rather, his better half, Stacey who just so happens to be a model and had the exact look I had imagined. After spending a sunny summer afternoon with this lovely couple, I remember going home, sitting on the couch with Jer and saying, “I think she’s the angel girl!” I realized she had professional modeling experience after checking out her artist page and she graciously accepted my request to work on this project with us.

Knowing that in order to pull off mirroring a living lady to a stone statue, we would need a pro makeup artist, Jer contacted Allyson Mae who had done the effects makeup for Neverwake’s latest video, “Suffocate.” In case you’re wondering, my man is the one with no shirt and the cage on his head holding the bat.

So, planning a photo shoot is exciting but the show we are promoting is really where it’s at, right? We’ve been wanting to work with Arcane Haven for quite some time and this show provided the perfect opportunity. Winter’s Descent is a natural selection for a Halloween haunting and we decided to recruit 9 Stitch Method to complete the line up.

Last, and certainly not least, we brought together our team of usual suspects; photographer Jana Lee Macheca of First Angel Media and Jason Kozura of The Crucible Project. What is The Crucible Project, you ask? That is a subject for another article but we’ll get there eventually. The fact is, these two have been instrumental in Twist of Fate Productions launch off the ground, both in a professional collaborative sense, and as personal supports and friends as well. This Halloween actually marks the one-year anniversary the four of us have been working together on these promo flyers and I couldn’t be more excited with what we’ve been able to accomplish together.

Check out the event page here and check out my blog post and Facebook page for a full gallery of behind the scenes photos!


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