In my early twenties, as a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist, I was immersed in massage therapy. The experience provided insight on the wellness industry, and laid the foundation for self-practice in the field. Early on I learned how important the use of essential oils were in self healthcare.

In my opinion doTERRA essential oils are by far the best in the market. A product line only available through an independent distributor, I held my own distributorship with this brand for a number of years. Once my career in Dietetics took off, I couldn’t find time to keep up with independent sales, but remained a loyal customer. Currently I purchase essential oils from Amelia, my good friend who is also an Independent Wellness Advocate for doTERRA.

So, what do I use them for? Well, a little bit of everything. Please note, I cannot verify safety and in no way endorse the internal use of any other brand of essential oils. doTERRA essential oils undergo an additional grade of testing, making certain oils acceptable for internal consumption.

Pictured here are my three go to oils, essential for all things skin related. Melaleuca (or Tea Tree Oil,) Lavender, and Frankincense, listed in order of cost. Truth be told, these products are pricey, but they last. A single oil bottle can stretch from six months, up to two years depending on use. I predominantly use the oils mentioned above topically, however, each one, while not at all tasty, can be taken internally under the doTERRA brand.

Melaleuca: Ideal for acne breakouts based on its antibacterial properties. When I experience a blemish, I dap a drop directly on the affected area. It also works as an antiperspirant. Most antiperspirants have aluminum included as an ingredient in some capacity, which studies have shown can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. Since Tea Tree oil is antibacterial, it can prevent unpleasant odors and lasts all day, plus the cool tingle feels ultra-fresh.

Lavender: While most of us know Lavender by its aromatherapy properties for relaxation, (several of my massage therapy clients would request this in conjunction with therapeutic massage) it can soothe the nerves, as well as skin issues. I use Lavender oil to treat mild acute burns or razor burn. Got your eyebrows waxed? Dap a teeny bit neat (neat is a term for un-diluted) right under the brow, to soothe the burn, being careful not to get in the eye.

Frankincense: This one’s the bank breaker, I won’t even try to sugar coat it. But I’ve saved for several years by purchasing Frankincense on monthly doTerra promotions. Every December, in celebration of Christmas, when you purchase a certain amount of product you can receive Frankincense as a gift. Why do I think it’s worth it? This oil is revered for its anti-cancer properties, as well as it’s healing components. I always have a bottle on hand, and use it frequently, yet sparingly.

There are several single oils and blends I could recommend in addition to my top three mentioned above. You’ll find many more throughout this site. Check out my Noms recipes for use of essential oils in the kitchen.

Want to learn more about doTERRA? Check out their website video.


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