The past couple years of my life have been filled with dips, curves, peaks, and detours. Sometimes the direction your world turns can be the furthest from what you’ve anticipated and somehow, it’s more authentically yours than anything you could have planned. When I first began blogging, my intention was for this website to be my primary focus outside of my day to day work as a clinical Dietetic Technician. I had just accepted a new position and starting a blog had been a goal for years. I was excited to write about some of the events I had worked on and continue to do that on a casual basis as well as develop the other categories on my website. Then the “let’s start a business” bug bit and before I knew it, I was filing for an LLC and our promotion company had a name, logo, and a tax ID. Here’s a few past events that have inspired me to grow as a promoter, projects that are ongoing, and of course, a little more about Twist of Fate Productions. In short, these are my Endeavors.

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