Asylum LandIn October, 2017 the Homegrown Hard Rock Showcase presented a special Halloween edition, Asylum. The concept and branding was far from a stretch for this line up. We opened the show with our close friends of Silence Follows, who brought out a heavier set to mesh with our twisted theme.

Next up Reign of Z. Our wicked sister, Miss Zosia West Coast was dragged to the stage by her handlers, Jerry, lead singer of Winter’s Descent and Jason, bassist of Silence Follows. She played the part, writhing and screaming, wrapped in an authentic straight jacket.

Headlining the evening, my guys in Winter’s Descent gripped the audience by their collective throats and didn’t let go till the curtains closed. Gracing the stage in terrifying Plague Doctor garb, Jer reminded us we were his patients for the duration of the set.

Check out full photo albums of their sets by First Angel Media featuring Silence Follows, Reign of Z and Winter’s Descent at the Asylum Halloween Show.

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