Reign of Z

Reign of Z

One of the area’s reigning marvels of metal magic, Reign of Z, is a band you want to get to know. I consider them close personal friends. The band’s drummer Amanda and I connected through music a while back, and I have been blessed to be a part of her awesome journey. Don’t let their lead vocalist Zosia’s demonic eyes and shadowed gaze scare you away. She doesn’t attack unless provoked. Zach, Berg, and Blink make up a killer string section, creating a beautiful, cascading expanse of sound for these two alluring Femmes to come thrashing through.

Busting onto the scene within the past year, Reign of Z’s veteran lineup has quickly gained momentum. They are being developed by Hit Music Collective and sponsored by Black Craft Whiskey. Expect their single “Whispers in the Walls” to drop mid-January, 2018, and to find these guys on the road for much of the upcoming year.

Check out this awesome review by Lady Jaye of First Angel Media from one of their recent events.

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