Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

The most rewarding experience I have had in the scene has come from organizing Femme Fatale. By adding my own flare, I coordinated a live show celebrating women in rock and metal. Through this project, I dug into major creative aspects, established a social media presence, and executed grassroots promotion to make it a success.

The lineup was crucial. From femme to fierce each band leant a particular component to the project. I focused on a mix of musical genres, a something for everyone approach, with each act geared to build energy and fuel the crowd. My concept was to showcase each individuals’ strength, as women working together to bring rock and heavy metal music to a crowd that would celebrate them and be hungry for more.

Check out the bands from the event lineup below, and for a far more eloquent description of the evening than I could ever give you, click to read the write up on the show by Lady Jaye.  Photo cred and mad props to Ryah Giles for the image above and for each band photo featured on the Femme Fatale page.

Want more Femme Fatale? Local Pittsburgh photographer and all around cool guy Dan GTX was also on the scene. You are likely to experience a Dan GTX Sighting if you regularly attend shows in the Pittsburgh area.

Check out the Femme Fatale blog post to learn more about my behind the scenes experience organizing the event.

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