The frontwoman for Horehound, Shy Kennedy could fill a cavern of the web in and of herself…and she does. Horehound has become one of my favorite Pittsburgh bands to see live. Their sludgy sound somehow manages to stir up the crowd in a way I can’t explain. Shy’s voice is ethereal and haunting while the band almost pumps their tones through her vocals like a pulse.

Shy’s resume is impressive. She has her own record label, Blackseed Records. That’s right, it’s hers. She’s a freelance graphic artist and design coordinator, and mastermind of Blackseed Design with a portfolio of work also available to peruse at Blackseed Design on Facebook.

Shy spearheaded the Descendants of Crom music festival, a gathering of rock, doom, sludge, and metal, “an event of heavy metal spanning all genres,” according to Shy. Check out the press attention she’s received from Riff Relevant and Decibel Magazine.

Oh, and she’s a Podcast DJ as well. Take a listen to her Into the Void interviews with Summer of Doom and Curse of the Son.

I couldn’t possibly cover everything this woman has accomplished locally, nationally, and internationally…but you get the gist! Learn more about Shy and Horehound, or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

Update: check out my recent article on Horehound here.





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