NeverWake is a band whose music speaks for itself. Composed with layers of depth, the meaning of each song can be uncovered with every listen. I’ve attended countless live performances, consider myself a true fan and can call these guys friends.

The first NeverWake show I attended had a pretty sweet line up of bands, including After the Fall, Winter’s Descent and Devour the Day. I’m an outgoing person, so before my Winter’s Descent boys hit the stage I made my rounds inviting the club crowd to rock out with me at the front of the stage. Johnny, lead singer of NeverWake, was literally the only person who amicably said, “Alright.” That evening made us insta-friends, and I’ve been in good company with the band members ever since. After gracing us with scene-famous salsa, lead guitarist Justin has forever carved himself a place at any get together I host. His wife, Beth, one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met, makes a mean guacamole! Unfortunately, you won’t find the recipes here, as they remain top secret.

For more on NeverWake, check them out on the web and as featured in Chimera Magazine.

These guys are always coming out with new material. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to keep an eye on their YouTube channel.

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