The Crucible Project

The Crucible Project

What started out as a friend saying, “Hey, I’ve been doing this thing, we should work on a show together,” turned into what is now known as The Crucible Project or “the monthly metal night at the Funhouse.

This series showcases hard rock and metal acts from Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas and occurs on a monthly basis. It operates in collaboration with Twist of Fate Productions. Part of what has set this series apart visually is the incorporation of themed photographs created specifically for the show. For the past year we have teamed up with Lady Jaye of First Angel Media to create some pretty unique flyers which have been an incredible promotional tool for the project.

The founder of The Crucible Project, Jason Kozura also doubles as our graphics guru and takes Lady Jaye’s artistic shots to the next level with his layouts and design. Not every flyer includes a photograph but they all carry his signature style in the curation and quality of the piece.

The attention to detail and demand for artistic integrity is part of what has made this team click. Jer and I look forward to continuing this collaborative effort and seeing it continue to grow.


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