All In, 7-2018

All In, 7-2018

Occasionally life presents you with an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself. All In, A Benefit For Nick Rohm was the first benefit show that I have ever worked on. I’ve attended plenty and the “big picture” of the event never escapes me but this was the first time I’d been asked to be a part of the planning team. Prior to the show, I didn’t know the recipient very well. I knew of him, knew that he and his wife, Paula were friends of Zosia, that they had attended one or two shows that I had worked on in the past year (Nick took the time after each event that he attended to personally thank me for putting the night together.) When Z told me that his battle with brain cancer had become more severe and suggested we host a benefit concert with all of the proceeds going to him directly, I was honored to be included.

We had initially planned to hold off on our Crucible Night during the month of July. In fact, it was during this month that we had planned to finish up the official details on how The Crucible Project would be announced. But instead we brought the idea for a benefit show to the table and with only 6 weeks lead time, announced the show. To date it has been one of our most successful nights and 100% of the proceeds went to Nick. We held a Chinese auction with donations from so many incredible people. Josh and Amber of Sub Alpine donated Zoo Passes and an acoustic guitar. Artist, Lex Covato gave 2 original canvas prints and writer, Jamie Lacky donated a signed publication just to name a few. You can check out our album on Facebook to see more.

Our line up included Winter’s Descent, Reign of Z, and The Fall Down. Keep scrolling for more on each band. Special thanks to Jana of First Angel Media for covering the event.

Update: At the time since this article’s inception, and in the weeks since I had begun to continue to work on this segment of the site, I learned of Nick’s passing. I had considered re-writing this piece but after giving it another read through, I decided to simply add this update. My gratitude for being included in the organization of this event remains ever strong and when I think of Nick Rohm, this is what I will remember.




Above Graphic Design Credit: Jason Kozura

Photo Credits above and stage shots below: Jana Lee Macheca of First Angel Media

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