The very first show that Jer and I worked on after announcing the start of Twist of Fate Productions was COLLISION. This also marked the launch of The Crucible Project, in name at least. We had been working with Jason on these nights for about a year and a half at this point, previously under the name, The Homegrown Hardrock Showcase. It would still be a couple months before The Crucible Project made it’s “official” debut but we wanted to make a splash with the night and the flyer needed to be something memorable. Check out the behind the scenes story on how that came about.

The lineup for June was A Notion of Silence, Dematus, and Resistance 13, all bands we were really excited to work with. Special shout-out to Jana of First Angel Media for covering the evening and thanks so much for the incredible images.  Keep scrolling to learn more about each band!

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