Key Instruction

meganAt the core of each class at The Barre Code North Hills are the incredible instructors, who I personally believe are the key to my well-being and fitness success. They help students feel valued, empowered, and capable. I have struggled with self-esteem and motivation my entire life. By making a commitment to regularly attend Barre classes, my outlook on life and attitude toward exercise has dramatically improved.

The leading ladies of The Barre Code exude strength, positivity, and enthusiasm, yet manage to keep it real. If class is the symphony, these women are the conductors. They guide us through the rough spots of each routine, and cheer us on while our muscles are screaming. Encouraging catch phrases applicable in all aspects of life, like “the strength is in the struggle,” echo through the studio. Each workout challenges different areas and the motivating mantras help push me past any limitations I’ve set.

Plenty of days when I get home from work, especially in winter, I’d rather curl up under a blanket, than have to go back out again. But as I imagine the cadence of Megan’s voice (she’s the lovely brunette pictured here) cascading notes over the latest pop music, I’m propelled to get up, out the door, and back at it. True, I’m a rock chick at heart, but I enjoy all genres of music, and love a good dance beat!

Whatever that “it” thing is attracting people to a singer or dancer, Barre instructors have got it. I get an energizing jolt of excitement experiencing class with people who share my enthusiasm. This is the same familiar feeling I get when hitting a venue with live music on the weekends.

Living by The Barre Code has made me stronger in both body and mind. The workouts and props are pivotal, and the passion behind the instructor’s coursework has been absolutely effective. I feel I can overcome any obstacle, not just in the studio, but in life, and will be consistently committed to challenging myself with The Barre Code’s positive and motivating fitness program.

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