Barre Props

prop inWhen I began group exercise classes at The Barre Code, the props seemed a bit intimidating. What if I can’t grip the bands properly and they snap back into my face? What if the rubber ball pops out from between my legs and rolls away? As a novice the tools of any trade can feel a bit awkward and unfamiliar. Its not uncommon for tube handles to bang the barre when a band slips from around the feet, but I’ve never seen anyone leave class with a black eye. Sure, sometimes rogue balls roll away in the middle of a pose, but accept the learning curve, it’s perfectly normal and no big deal. I guarantee if you screw up prop execution you’ll still feel accomplished completing this stellar class.

Have faith, you’ve got this. Confidence using barre props will build with each class completed. The Barre Code prepares you on what is needed, so there’s no guess work. Required props are posted at the studio entrance on a dry erase board. Should you forget to review the board before entering class, just turn around, check it out, and walk your happy (and toned if you’ve been regularly attending) behind on out and get what you need.

Studio Side Note: The vibe at The Barre Code is super accepting, while maintaining a high level of intensity. What I love about this studio is the balance they strike in this department. Classes genuinely challenge both body and mind, and props are often used to accentuate a full body workout. Instructors always encourage to listen to your body first, back off if you need a break and drop a prop if it isn’t feeling right.