The Live Experience

Sometimes the most exciting part of being a part of the music scene is simply getting out and going to a show. I myself am not a performer but I’ve been married to one for nearly a decade. When Jerry and I met, we were 14 and 15 years old and part of how we connected was through music. We went to both local shows and national concerts as often as we could long before he ever sang in a band or we decided to start a promotion company. To this day, for as much time as we spend planning and promoting our own events for Twist of Fate Productions or shows that Winter’s Descent is slated to play, we spend equal or greater amounts of time getting out there and just being in the crowd.

I know that regardless of what kind of day or week I’m having, when I leave a venue, I am going to walk out of there in a better head space than when I walked in. I’ve been introduced to some of the most creative and driven people through music and found common ground with those I would have never met otherwise.


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