Lady Jaye

Lady Jaye

Lady Jaye has hit the scene here in Pittsburgh with a fresh approach to local music coverage, making First Angel Media a sought-after site to find your project pop up on. From photography to interviews to CD and show reviews, this lady has it all wrapped up in one sweet little package for you if you’re looking to get into the Pittsburgh Music scene.

Lady Jaye has been writing for a number of years and promoting bands and shows through her pages via her eloquent journalistic skills. You’ll find links to her articles all over my site, as she has managed to track down every hot new act to hit any stage here in the burgh.

However, her more recent submersion into the world of photography has left fans of her work teeming through her pages to see who and where she’ll be covering next. Follow her socials on Facebook and Instagram.

Enter, Chimera Magazine. As Lady Jaye’s photography began to gain more and more recognition, she found herself presented with an opportunity to shoot for a nationally recognized magazine. Through this additional media outlet she has been given the opportunity to shoot such big name acts as Pop Evil, Ded, and Ice Nine Kills.

It’s hard to say what this hot off the press lady on the scene has in store for Pittsburgh in the future. She has been collaborating with some other local media resources to essentially build more of a web presence for the Pittsburgh Local Music Scene. More on that here.

Keep scrolling to check out some of the local bands she has covered and worked with!

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