SIKES and the New Violence

Really good music spans across more than just the auditory sense and what SIKES and the New Violence have accomplished with their most recent release is an immersive experience you’re going to want to see for yourself. So much so that they decided to do not just one CD release party, but 2! Follow them on Facebook to see what they’re up to next. Their new album, which you can buy here on Bandcamp, is something you have to experience to comprehend. Phrases like “light show” or “theatrical dance party” aren’t quite descriptive enough to explain they have in store for you when you see them live.

I’ve always thought the mark of a true artist is someone who is able to show you a corner of their world and return you home safely in one piece, but with the scope of the lens you view the world through slightly enhanced. This release truly encapsulates that sentiment.

Check it out!

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