The Working Stiffs Podcast

I’ve known Zack and Danny of The Working Stiffs Podcast for years. These two blue collar podcasters are also musicians and their love of all things metal has found it’s way into their show. Seriously, they happened to mention a Blacksmiths class that Danny had taken on one of their episodes which in turn wound up inspiring the name for The Crucible Project. But these guys are doing more than just metal working, they have started inviting bands to be on the show and also begun featuring new music as well. While the show has a variety of subject matter, their work ethic threaded throughout.  Whether they’re discussing their trades and skills or those of their guests, craft beer, conspiracies, food, or music, these guys take their subjects seriously. There’s a quintessential Pittsburgh vibe peppered throughout everything they do and I guarantee when you listen to these guys you’ll have a laugh and likely learn a thing or two.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m a return guest on the show? You can find me on not just one but two of their episodes. If you’ve bumped around this blog at all you may see that you recognize a few more of their guests. You can find them on all major podcasting platforms (too many to list!) and you’re going to want to join the Facebook group to keep up with meet ups and other events they are involved with in addition to sneak peeks for upcoming shows!

working stiffs