I don’t live in an all natural bubble every night of the week. In fact you’ll find me eating a wide variety of whatever I like on weekends late night after a show. But at home, I choose organic and ethically produced, sustainably farmed, pesticide and hormone free products as part of my meals.

Enjoy quick and easy to follow recipes from my kitchen. Whether it’s a soothing solution to singer strain, fresh ideas for filling up, or healthy and hearty entrees sure to satisfy. From mindful meal planning to practical purchases, I’ve got helpful tips to smarten your shopping strategy.

Fresh from the farm or picked right from the root, I use local and organic ingredients without breaking the bank. It’s easy to blow fifty dollars on a bar tab, justify spending more than five dollars on a premium latte, then scoff at the price of organic groceries. Shop smart to stretch grocery dollars and you can easily include organics and feel good about what you’re eating.

Hungry for more? Click below to check out my Recipes.

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