Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh


My schedule gets pretty out of hand some days. I was looking for a way to simplify my life in the kitchen without breaking the bank and my sister in law mentioned “Hello Fresh.” Many of you may be familiar with this home delivered meal plan. I didn’t think it was for me but I had attended a meeting for work that they catered and was pretty impressed so I gave it a try. My first impression was not about the food but the packaging! They make it really eco-friendly but it’s a bit of extra work to get everything ready for recycling. Once I got through unwrapping the box, I was so relieved with how easy they made everything. The meals are portioned well and the ingredients are generally pretty high quality. Some are organic and the meats are all hormone free. I think what I like best is that it takes the guess work out of making a menu for the week. There are items and ingredients included that I wouldn’t necessarily think to combine. The directions are easy to follow, so much so that my teenage nephew even makes dinner for his family from time to time! Oh yeah, and if you have more in your household than just one or 2 people, there are plans to accommodate. The cost usually averages out to about $10 per meal for 2 people which is pretty reasonable. And you can skip weeks without penalty or cancelling if you want to take a break. Here’s a step by step pictorial for one of my favorite recipes of theirs.





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