How Convenient

How Convenient!


As the general rule of nutrition stands today, everything should be fresh, from scratch, prepared and consumed before 8pm…yeah that’s not me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of chopping all my own veggies, peeling my own fruits, and cooking healthy nutritious meals for dinner every night. The fact is I just don’t always quite hit the mark with all that so I had to learn to improvise. And what I have found is the “Halfway Homemade” approach on a workday weeknight has far more potential for success than me pretending like I’m going to be super enthusiastic about pulling a bunch of raw ingredients out of the fridge Monday through Friday and trying to make magic happen.

First off, there is no shame in buying precut vegetables once in a while. Trader Joe’s is totally my go to for awesome veggies that are cut, washed, and ready to go. When I want to toss a stir fry together and I don’t already have a stock pile amassed, I am headed to TJ’s for one of their signature fresh blends.

Nourish Bowls are one of my new go to lunches. I typically grab these on sale at Giant Eagle. They pair great with a couple hard cooked eggs on the side, a grilled chicken breast, or a can of tuna for an extra protein boost.

Lastly, never underestimate the power of the prepared foods section. Honestly, Kuhn’s is hands-down my top pick for quality prepared dinners. You can find healthy options and rest easy knowing that someone put that meal together with their own two hands, even if it wasn’t you.

Consider this, your time has a quantifiable value, the same as your dollar. It can be worth it to pay a couple bucks for a fresh packed meal to cover the cost of your own peace of mind!

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